5 Tips to Choose Right Caterer

Apr 28, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
Special occasions often call for large amounts of food. A wedding celebration, family reunion, or office party may require more food than the hosts can put together on their own. Catering is a great option for times when entire meals need to be served, as well as just party food. Like any service, it is important to choose the right one to ensure a successful event. There are some specific things to look for when choosing a Melbourne caterer
1. Find a Specialist
Caterers often have certain types of events that they specialize in. It is pertinent to ask the right questions when you are interviewing potential caterers. Ask for pictures from previous jobs and sample menus. A caterer that works with a certain type of event on a regular basis will be able to advise you properly in food choices for your guests. Wedding caterers encounter an entirely different audience than guests. Sometimes finding a professional that has perfected a certain niche is the best option. 
2. Ability to Handle Special Circumstances
Caterers should be prepared for certain complications with every job. Make sure to ask how your caterer handles guests with special dietary needs. Most caterers will have a plan of action for children, guests with allergies, and food sensitivities. Think about elderly guests, as well. They often cannot chew tough foods as easily as other individuals.  There should be an option for feeding these types of guests without changing the main menu.
3. A Competent Staff
Make sure to ask about the employees. You want to make sure there is going to be a sufficient amount of servers for your event. You may also want to find out a bit about the chef and other cooks. Take the time to look into their references and reputation. 
4. Insurance Coverage
There is no excuse for a professional to practice without insurance coverage. If there are any accidents or illnesses that take place as a result of the catering business, you do not want to find yourself responsible for the financial obligations. Insist on seeing proof of insurance. 
5. Tastings
Even if you are not a picky eater, it is a good idea to try out the food you will be serving. You might find out it is too spicy or not exactly what you want. If you know ahead of time, you can ask for something different, or choose a different caterer all together. 
With a little research and a few interviews, you should be able to find a great caterer when you know what to look for. Ask the right questions and check customer reviews to improve your chances of finding the right caterer for specific event.