Caternow for Caterers

Apr 28, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
You are an established catering service.  You do more than to make ends meet and have a pretty good handle on advertising with local newspapers. You probably even have a website of your own.  You have invested time and money in your current Public Relations campaign and it has served you well enough.  All of which makes you question spending money on a third party site.  Some questions you’ve probably asked are below.  Of course, if business hasn’t been doing so well, the questions are still relevant.

How does a third party website drive business to me?

Being listed on a site may feel like being a leaf on a tree.  It’s there, but pretty hard to distinguish one from another. Caternow doesn’t leave things to the wide view, though.  You have a niche market, and we will help customers looking for your specific service connect with you.  We’ll help them give you feedback when they have used your service, which creates more buzz about you and builds your business even further.

How is this better than my own website?

You worked hard getting your website right.  It is probably fantastic, but it comes down to who will see it.  While you probably have some SEO content on your site, it may still be passed over without a click.  Our reputation for connecting food lovers with great tasting meals and fantastic service is growing every day.  We can point our recurring clients in your direction with our website, as well as our mobile apps, email newsletters, print ads, and social media campaign.  They come to us, and we connect them with you, which has the benefit of saving you the time and money in the long run.  Our loyalty system might incentivise some of our customers to give you a try, too.

How much is this going to cost me?

Signing up for our service is free.  You create your profile on our site and let us work our magic getting customers to you.  Then you pay a small fee after you actually get orders.  You are only paying for the service when it is actually getting used!  It could end up adding more to the total you are paying in PR now, but only if it is driving business to you.  We will use all the tools at our disposal to increase your orders.  After all, these people need to order the food from somewhere, it should be from you!

More benefits to partner with Caternow...
  • We connect local caterers & food suppliers with more food lovers looking to order their next catering
  • It's free to join, no setup or monthly fees, no contract
  • You will get corporate orders along with orders from home
  • Grow revenue, grow profit with out loyalty / discount system
  • We will work hard to give you more exposure via website promotions, mobile apps, social media, online/email marketing and print advert.
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