My Kitchen Rules Review

Apr 28, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
There is no shortage of reality and competition type shows on the television these days. Real life proves to be interesting on regular basis. Many shows also come into being on the heels of other popular shows. It is often in the best interest of producers to stick with what works. My Kitchen Rules came about following the popularity of Master Chef Australia. My Kitchen Rules, however, came with some fun new changes to the genre. 

A Big Job

Instead of preparing dishes and meals, My Kitchen Rules made the expectations quite a bit bigger. The challenge is to make a home into a restraint for one night. There must be at theme supported by appropriate decorations. The atmosphere isn’t the only thing that has to be the best. The food has to coordinate and be served in a variety of courses. The fear over one mystery ingredient escalates in this spin off show where you never know what theme you are going to get. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one mentally decorating your own kitchen while you anticipate the outcome from your couch.

Working Together

The good news is that the chefs don’t have to go it alone in this endeavor. They have a teammate to work with on the job. They have made an effort to bring teams together that have some sort of background from other shows. It’s always interesting to see previous competitors or teammates working together for the first time or meeting up again for another round of success.  Differing views and styles make this part of the show exciting in its own right. 


The large capacity of material involved in the tasks makes for a complicated judging situation. On other shows a single dish or meal may be judged, while on My Kitchen Rules, the entire restraint experience has to be considered. Judges from different cooking specialties and backgrounds are needed to make this successful. Of course, every team is going to have strengths in different areas of the contest festivities. To win, there really needs to be complimentary combination with the members of each team. The judges definitely have their work cut out for them on this show!

There are no shortage of fun competitive shows out there right now. This one fills the need for one in the cooking niche. It can be great fun to watch some of our own passions played out on television shows. My Kitchen Rules is a great follow up to some of the great cooking competitions of the past.

Photo Credit: My Kitchen Rules