Spit Roast Catering Ideas for Christmas in July

Jun 29, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara

What is Spit Roast?

Before diving head on to excellent ideas for spit roast for Christmas in July, it would be paramount to understand what in particular spit roast is. The complete philosophy of spit roast revolves solely around baking the particular meat slowly on, very low-intensity heat though cooked directly. Experts of spit roast always with the aid of a rod or pipe hang the meat above, and then there would be fire underneath it. The cooking process is very slow, with the very low state of the fire, it cooks to perfection. This ensures that it does not burn from the outside.

The chefs then make a mixture of some herbs thereby creating a paste which is smeared on the meat. This is done when the meat is half cooked. After that, it is left to go through the cooking process again till the flavors attain its peak. After the meat has been cooked, it is then served. Being cooked outside, it is very healthy to the body.

Spit roast catering is relatively very easy if you have excellent and brief ideas as regards to certain kinds of meat you could use in any event or party while catering for Christmas in July. Below are some meats you could use for your spit roast catering food ideas for Christmas in July:

• A whole pig
Throughout Australia, this is the most common meat used to prepare spit roast. A young and succulent pig would make an excellent and tasty spit roast. Though it could be a mess as the skin tends to become very soft and tender after being cooked thoroughly, it is very delicious.

• Chickens
A whole-roasted chicken turns out to be delicious and an excellent choice for great spit roasts. Chicken spit roasts, do not take much time to cook, and a few number of chickens could easily take care of a group of seven to eight persons. If you have plans on catering for a large party with lots of people, then they are a great choice.

• Duck Meat
Duck spit roast is actually very delicious and tastes great. Though most people in many cases turn it away, mostly because of the level of fat in it, they forget that it is this fat that gives it the great taste it has. It is also a splendid idea when catering for a large party.

• Leg of a Lamb
Though this is not so common in Australia as regards to spit roast catering, it is well-known in the Greek land. Lamb meat has a very strong flavor, and its fat gives it a unique tenderness.

There are very many other kinds of meat that could be used for spit roast catering, but the few mentioned above are perfect when catering for Christmas in July as regards to spit roast. The ideas given so far are very good not only for Christmas but also for any other party that is done outdoors. Why not allow us at Caternow.com.au to take care of your spit roast catering, for your events or parties and functions. You can find Spit roast caterers in Melbourne, Spit roast catering in Sydney, Spit roast caterers in Perth, Spit roast catering in Brisbane, Spit roast caterers in Adelaide, Spit roast catering in Geelong.

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