Sushi Donuts a New Food Trend Gradually taking of the internet

Jul 02, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
Donuts have always been around and loved by all. All of a sudden, everyone went crazy for delicious Cronut. The slight mistake or drawback was the level of sugar and calories and yes, it is not a surprise that health aficionados all around the globe are gradually embracing the latest trend in hybrid food - the sushi donut. This newest kind of Internet food trend has currently arrived which is in the form of the latest sushi donuts, which is a perfect offering that is more appetizing than it actually sounds.

Now it should be vividly noted that sushi donut is not that sweet, not fried or baked. Not like the regular donut drizzled with some glaze or filled with some jelly. This is a complete roll of good sushi which is shaped like a circle and resembles a donut, bagel, or any other foods shaped like circles with holes right in the center.

If anyone should think that there is anything quite fishy about them, then they are correct. Now, instead of having some dough which is fried, and some sugary toppings, this latest food trend - sushi donut is completely made of rice, which contains enough healthy toppings like ginger, avocado, fish, wasabi and seeds. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Japanese embrace this latest food craze, as we all know that sushi has its origin from Japan.

The Sushi donut actually has its origin in Australia, and the particular person to kick start this healthy trend for sushi donuts was a lady named Sam Murphy. A lot has been shown in the world of internet food trends this year 2016. Starting from the latest mega freak shake to sushi burritos and many more have all had their days in the fun of the day as regards to food trends. Sushi being the chief of the latest food craze to start this latest food craze on the net completely perfect, and apparently delicious.

Anyways always be on a Look out for any of these sushi delicacies in any health store close to you, whole Foods have created their own spin on the hybrid treat. Would you try the sushi donut?