The Australian Barbie

Apr 28, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
Whether you live in Australia or just want to bring the Australian outback to your grill, there are some specifics you need to know. Your meal choices can bring out the best or put Australia to shame. Aussies do not take their grilling choices lightly. To entertain with barbie choices your friends won’t soon forget. Get ready to gather around the grill for a taste like no other. 

The Tradition
The long standing tradition of cooking outside goes back to the early days of Australian natives. While modern homes have indoor ovens, they are not used very much for meat. Holiday main dishes, like turkey, are all customarily cooked on the barbie. In some countries, a grill is not found at every home. In Australia, there is a special place for the household barbecue grill. 

The barbie wouldn’t be authentic without a healthy dose of shrimp paired with an Australian Chardonnay. But when trying to keep up with the high Australian standards, you have to go big. Start with extra-large shrimp, and make sure to add plenty of extras for flavor. You need to have plenty of seasonings on hand, like cilantro and thyme. Shallots, lemon, and garlic are excellent additions as well. Prepare ahead of time by allowing the shrimp to marinate well in your creation. Once the shrimp hit the barbie, they will be perfectly flavored. You will never return to plain seafood again. 

There are not plain items on the Australian barbie. Those meats need to be dressed up. Whether its seafood, beef, chicken, or the native kangaroo, the flavor has to be exceptional. There are several spices that can really make the meal special. Do not plan on going cool either, cayenne pepper is the perfect choice to spice things up. Mustard powder, coriander and onion are also great choices for adding an authentic and enjoyable flavor to your meat. 

Side Dishes
Some excellent side dishes come straight from the grill, as well. Add grilled shrimp to a salad for exceptional flavor. The salad won’t be anything ordinary either. You can add some sweet mango, fresh parsley or mint to bring that outdoor flavor to your salad. Asparagus is another side you can put directly on the grill. You can count on an entire meal when you make good use of your outdoor cooking station. 

The Australian barbie is a serious matter. The flavor is unique and meat is cooked to perfection. Take the time to look up some creative and authentic recipes. You can take to your backyard this weekend for special Aussie meal.
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