Why Order With Caternow

Apr 28, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
Planning an event takes a great deal of organization.  While you are coordinating location, budget, entertainment, and timing, your caterer must plan out exactly what resources they need to deliver the best dining experience possible to your guests.  No matter the type of event, whether birthday party or corporate seminar, feeding the people attending will be an important aspect.  It doesn’t have to take all your time though.  That’s what Caternow is for!

Our website and mobile apps give you access to caterers local to you, wherever you are in Australia.  You can choose based on the type of food you want – we have most popular world cuisines in many locations.  It is also easy to search based on the type of facility in which your event will take place.  Once you have selected the caterer, it is easy to make contact and place your order.  After that Caternow will help by taking over most of the communication with the caterer.  We know what you want and we will help you get it!

Some things are out of your control and ours.  If anything happens with the venue or number of guests attending, there’s no need to panic.  Let us know and we will help.  We may be able to suggest solutions to problems because we’ve encountered them before.  Regardless of the situation, we’ll make sure your caterer is on board. As part of our program, we offer loyalty incentives.  

You may find yourself needing meals prepared for many things, hopefully because you have been impressed with the service you’ve received from us and our providers.  As you use our service over time, there will be opportunities to save money on your order just because we like you.

Below are the benefits to order with Caternow.
  • We exists to connect food lovers like you with local caterers and food suppliers
  • Personalised and customised service for your catering need
  • We will follow up with caterer for your order and make sure everything is OK
  • We serve corporate, small businesses, events, weddings and homes
  • It's free to join, convenient, fast and hassle free
  • You will get variety of awesome cuisine options
  • Enjoy best online food ordering and delivery experience with Caternow
If you have ordered on Caternow many times before, maybe it’s time to try having a different type of meal delivered.  We facilitate large events, that’s true, but you can also order for an office lunch, team building party, or even just a family meal.  Different providers on our site specialize in different services.  Maybe you want to wow guests at your next party by having an on-site chef.  Perhaps you have guests coming with specific dietary needs.  If there is a situation in which a meal needs to be prepared, you can find what you need with us.  When you need to cater,Caternow!

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