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Colliers Sandwich Company

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  • Colliers are proud finalist in the 2011 sydney business awards for catering and we deliver our delicious creations all over the sydney cbd, so it’s no secret that our food is made from the finest quality produce and we are passionate about creating fresh, tasty sandwiches. we strive to make your breakfast and lunch experience the best thing of your day, and with our wide selection of coffees, wraps, salads and sandwiches, we are sure you will leave us satisfied.

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    Catering Menu

    Fruit Platter

    Platter Of Assorted Seasonal Fresh Fruit

    Serves 10 people
    Min. 1
    $72.73 Ex.GST Add

    Mixed Bread Platter

    An Assortment Of Baguettes Sandwiches And Wraps From Our Menu

    Ideal For Larger Groups.

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 1
    $9.91 Ex.GST Add

    Assorted Muffins And Breads

    Platter Of Assorted Muffins, Banana Bread And Pear & Raspberry Bread

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 1
    $4.00 Ex.GST Add

    Sandwich Platter

    Platter Of Assorted Sandwiches From Our Menu (1.5 Sandwiches Per Person)

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 1
    $11.73 Ex.GST Add

    Baguette Platter

    Platter Of Assorted Baguettes From Our Menu

    Serves 4 people
    Min. 1
    $40.00 Ex.GST Add

    Oracle Orange Juice

    Oracle Orange Juice

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 1
    $3.64 Ex.GST Add

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