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  • Hola amigos, we are sydney's most popular mexican/latino caterer with awesome taco bars, health bowls, burrito boxes & so much more

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    Churros With Chocolate

    Churros With Chocolate 2 Pieces Per Person

    Serves 10 people
    Min. 1
    $20.00 Ex.GST Add

    Tropical Fruit Platter

    Assorted Fruit Slices To Share

    Serves 15 people
    Min. 1
    $50.00 Ex.GST Add

    Chilled Vanilla Rice Pudding

    Chilled Vanila Rice Pudding With Fresh Mango

    Serves 15 people
    Min. 1
    $22.73 Ex.GST Add

    Healthy Bowls


    Try Our Super Tasty Health Bowls, Served With Brown Rice, Lettuce & Pico De Gallo Salsa
    • Gym Junkie Grilled Chicken, Beans, Guacamole, Sour Cream & Home Made Chipotle Sauce
    • Spicy Beef Shredded Beef, Slaw, Sour Cream & Jalapenos
    • California Fish Tempura Fish Fillets, Slaw, Chipotle Mayo & Lime
    • Vegan Bowl Grilled Capsicum, Corn, Mushroom, Guacamole & Beans
    • Lamb Lover Potatoes, Salsa Verde & Garlic Sauce

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 10
    $12.73 Ex.GST Add

    Mexican Catering


    Stay Lean And Healthy While Still Enjoying The Taste Of Latin America. Our Meals Are High In Good Proteins, Fats & Low In Bad Carbs. Includes The Following
    • Our Signature Vegan Brown Rice Salad.
    • Grilled Chicken Pieces (1 Each)
    • Black Angus Beef (120g  Each)
    • Guacamole, Tomato Salsa & Corn Chips To Share

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 15
    $13.18 Ex.GST Add


    Have A Fun Fiesta With All Your Amigos At Home Or In Your Office This Package Includes The Following
    • 1 X Cheese Empanada With Aji Salsa
    • Chilled Fish Cocktail (ceviche) To Share Eaten With Corn Chips & Guacamole
    • Tacos 6”(2 X Each) Build Your Own Tacos Using Our Tasty Grilled Chicken, Fajita Veggie & Angus Beef. These Bad Boys Come With, Sour Cream, Grated Tasty & Home Made Fresh Salsas To Top Off
    • Guacamole & Corn Chips To Share
    • Mexican Style Vegan Slaw
    • Finish Off The Experience With Churros And Chocolate Dip

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 20
    $20.91 Ex.GST Add


    Pablo’s Kitchen Is Getting Famous For Serving The Best Burritos In Sydney, Give Them A Try. Rolled With Brown Rice, Sour Cream, Beans & Tasty Cheese. Mixed Box Contains 8 X 500g Burritos Cut In Half (16 Halves) The Box Also Comes With Some Hot Sauce & Small Guacamole. Choose Your Own
    • Carlito’s Spicy Beef Jalapenos, Onions & Habanero Sauce
    • Chipotle Chicken, Guacamole, Tomato & Chipotle Mayo
    • Vegan Grilled Peppers, Corn & Guacamole
    • Fish Stick Battered Fillets, Lettuce, Pickled Onions & Chipotle Mayo
    • California Fries, Lettuce, Chipotle, Aioli, Guacamole & Fresh Tomato Salsa
    • Cheese Burger, Beef, Lettuce, Mayo & Tomato

    Serves 8 people
    Min. 1
    $117.27 Ex.GST Add


    Food For Vegetarians & Our Vegan Friends This Package Is Full Of Nutrition & Flavour
    • Chef’s Brown Rice Vegan Salad
    • Our Mexican Slaw
    • Corn, Carrot & Cheese Salad Mixed With Lime Mayo & Sour Cream
    • Guacamole, Black Beans & Corn Chips

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 30
    $11.36 Ex.GST Add


    Have Fun & Build Your Own Tacos With Your Amigos And Try Our Selection Of Meats & Veggie Fillers. This Package Includes

    • 6” Flour Tortillas & Gluten Free Corn Tortillas
    • Grilled Chipotle Chicken
    • Black Angus Beef Brisket
    • Fajita Veggie
    • Guacamole & Corn Chips To Share
    • Black Beans, Brown Rice, Salsas & Sauces
    • Sour Cream & Grated Tasty Cheese

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 30
    $16.82 Ex.GST Add


    House Salad To Share

    House Salad To Share

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 10
    $1.82 Ex.GST Add

    Guacamole & Corn Chips

    Guacamole & Corn Chips With Our Secret Seasoning

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 10
    $4.09 Ex.GST Add

    Colombian Empanadas

    Colombian Empanadas With Aji Salsa
    Choose Between Cheese, Beef Or Chicken

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 10
    $2.36 Ex.GST Add

    Ceviche Fish Cocktail

    Ceviche Fish Cocktail (100g Per Person)
    Cod Cooked With Lime Juice, Red Onion & Peppers, Comes With Guacamole & Corn Chips

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 10
    $4.55 Ex.GST Add

    Mexican Pizza (Quesadillas)

    Mexican Pizza (Quesadillas) 1 X Slice Each
    Grilled Tortillas Bread With Melted Cheese
    Assorted Chicken, Beef & Corn

    Serves 1 person
    Min. 10
    $2.73 Ex.GST Add

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