Popular Kids Party Theme Ideas

Apr 28, 2016 | Divyesh Amipara
Planning a children’s party is always a challenge.  Sure there is always the popular flavor of the week in planning, but what is YOUR CHILD really smitten with? Should you go with time tested sure- fire party theme or the latest flash-in-the-pan fad?  Here are some clever ideas that will make your party pretty spiffy! With any themed party, don't forget your party catering from Caternow.
The princess theme -   For generations tales of beautiful princesses have filled our story time.  From Cinderella to Elsa every little girl has her favorite one, and making that her party theme can be a piece of cake.  From elegant makeovers, to royal foods, every little girl can be a princess.                                                      
Superheroes theme- everyone has dreamed of having superpowers.  Your little hero is no different.  Whether it’s a meeting of the Justice League, or the Superfriends a superhero party can be full of non-stop fun.  From contests showing off super strength to feats of daring -do this party has endless possibilities.
Mickey/Minnie Mouse- Disney’s stellar couple remains a favorite with children of all ages.    Your little musketeers and their friends will be all a titter when they see those iconic mouse ears and black and white polka dots.  
Hello Kitty- although this little cat started out in Japan, over the years it has become loved all over the world.   This is the “purr-fect” theme for young ladies that want to show off their best hello kitty accessories.  It’s iconic round face and is a twinkling-eye makes this cartoonish kitty character a favorite with girls of all ages.
Pirates! - Yarr, this is a fine party theme matey!   Eye patches, buried treasure, and talking like a pirate are all the rage.  Your swashbuckler and his crew will love hoisting the Jolly Roger and setting sail with party theme.   
Mermaids- from Hans Christen Anderson to Ariel, over the century’s mermaids have intrigued girls of all ages. These sirens of the sea represent the playful free side of all us.   Show your little mermaid how much fun a party can be under the sea!
These are just a few of the favorite themes available.  Your party is limited only by your imagination!   Depending on your time and budget, you can hire a professional to come in and deck the halls or take the hands on approach and DIY.  Supplies, decorations and ideas are all available at the click of a keyboard!